The agricultural idea is that while barley is a grass, and clover is a legume, buckwheat is its own genus, and therefore good for crop rotation. The commercial idea is that the summer flowers of the buckwheat should produce a fall buckwheat honey and a buckwheat pancake flour. Buckwheat honey on buckwheat pancakes makes an unbeatable Sunday brunch, with or without a Mimosa or a pumpkin spiced latte. As an Indiana Wholesale Food Establishment, we would like to market this combination to local groceries and restaurants, as well as to folks who prefer the more leisurely pace of Sunday brunch at home (and don’t mind doing the dishes).

If any of our neighbors are interested in growing winter barley simply for its aesthetic and soil protective values, particularly in five acre or so lots (which is the daily capacity of our processing line) and having us harvest and process it, we would be delighted to hear from you.