Here Is What We Do

If all goes well, around mid-spring we should be able to open the season with our own:

  • maple syrup and honey
  • morels and ramps,
  • strawberries, asparagus and greens, and
  • the fruits of last years’ vineyard and hops yard.
Starting around the beginning of summer,
  • our own tomatoes, peppers, and beans, then
  • our neighbors’ sweet corn around early July
  • our neighbors’ peaches and (our own peach pies) around early August

Starting around Labor Day we should have :

  • apple cider (and pies)
  • Squash, pumpkins, (and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pies)

Plus, this year, crafts, hardwood and surprises are available. And, maybe, next year our own lavender and truffles.For all this, please check our facebook and its cousins for specific dates and details. Thank you for reading!

Here is more of what we do

There will be special sale days in the spring …

if the morels and the ramps cooperate.

Maple Syrup


Wine Grapes


Apples (for Cider)

Pumpkins (for cooking & decoration)

This is where we grow our produce, and where we process and store it

The Vegetable Garden

The Shed, Barn, & Greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse: peppers, almost ready to plant

Inside the shed: from the left: apple grinder, grape destemmer-crusher, bladder press, stove, maple syrup evaporator, pasteurizers, honey spinner

Inside the barn

Cooler/temperature-controlled room for storing produce in summer and wine in winter. The pictures to the right were taken behind the cooler.

From L: Hops dryer, floor scale reader, dryer fan motor, milling machine, back of cooler.
Right: pelletizer with (gold) LN2 die shower.