Here Is What We Do

In 2022 we hope to open with

  • greens, maple syrup, and the first fruits of our vines by Memorial Day. We should then have
  • tomatoes and veggies by Fourth of July,
  • sweet corn by mid-July,
  • honey by end of July,
  • peaches by mid-August,
  • pumpkins and squash by Labor Day,
  • hops and barley (and perhaps their first fruit, too) by end of September, and
  • cider by mid-October.

Here is more of what we do

There will be special sale days in the spring …

if the morels and the ramps cooperate.

Maple Syrup


Wine Grapes


Apples (for Cider)

Pumpkins (for cooking & decoration)

And New This Year

Apples (for Cider)

Pumpkins (for cooking & decoration)

Pumpkins (for cooking & decoration)

Pumpkins (for cooking & decoration)

This is where we grow our produce, and where we process and store it

The Vegetable Garden

The Shed, Barn, & Greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse: peppers, almost ready to plant

Inside the shed: from the left: apple grinder, grape destemmer-crusher, bladder press, stove, maple syrup evaporator, pasteurizers, honey spinner

Inside the barn

Cooler/temperature-controlled room for storing produce in summer and wine in winter. The pictures to the right were taken behind the cooler.

From L: Hops dryer, floor scale reader, dryer fan motor, milling machine, back of cooler.
Right: pelletizer with (gold) LN2 die shower.