Farm Products


We have a small but complete hops processing facility that can process 125 bines a day. This includes a Hopster (R) hops harvester, a dryer, a Colorado Milling Equipment (R) milling machine, a Colorado Milling Equipment (R) pelletizer with a liquid nitrogen cooling attachment, a pharmaceutical pill counter that is used to measure the exact number of pellets to be placed in a gas-impermeable packet, a packet sealer with a nitrogen purge, and a freezer. Our protocol is to harvest [...]


Early Jalapeno Emerald Fire La Bomba Paquime Orange Pepperoncini Piment d'Espelette Red Ember (Cayenne) Serrano Thai Hot


Sweet Banana Bell Merlot North Star New Ace King of the North Chablis Habenero Orange Holy Mole


Batwing Blanco Bumpkin Carrie Casperita Darling Early King Mini Warts Musque de Provence Naked Bear Pepitas Polar Bear Prankster Rival Rouge Vif d'Etampes Silver Moon Speckled Hound Specter Warty Goblin